Enabling Technologies

The Opportunity

Many of the key enabling technologies dominating the information technology landscape have a key role to play in enabling the energy transition.

AI/ML, Robotics, Drones, IoT, Blockchain, VR/AR, and Cloud companies view the energy industry as a big target, but have had limited success penetrating. The energy industry has always been slow to adopt new technologies.

Startups developing and deploying these core enabling technologies may not be exclusively focused on the energy transition…

… but they would be within our scope and consideration for investment.

why now

We believe the energy industry is poised to benefit greatly from advances in core information technology. While we are cautious of startups with a sole focus on applying these technologies to “big” energy (O&G, Generation, Utilities), we will invest in companies using these technologies across multiple sectors, including energy, if they drive or benefit from the energy transition.

Energy is life.The rest is just details.

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