Distributed Energy

The Opportunity

We now have the technology to deliver a solid state, plug-and-play, flexible, fuel-free, zero marginal cost energy source where you need it, with solar and energy storage.

Distributed Energy delivers fundamentally better product and service to consumers.

10 years ago, distributed energy technology was cost prohibitive.

Today, it is cheaper than buying centralized energy from the grid in many locations.

Why now

Distributed Energy Resources (DER) can augment, and in some cases bypass the entire traditional energy system: upstream, downstream, generation, transmission, distribution, utilities, cars, banks. Tesla has proved the concept - but it is just the initial effort.

Unlike previous DG efforts (micro-turbines, fuel cells), today’s DERs are decoupled from fossil fuels - they benefit from volatility in the O&G market.

Advances in computing, networking, and sensing enable aggregation of DERs into Virtual Power Plants - which are disrupting the power sector.

Energy is life.The rest is just details.

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