The Opportunity

Electricity is the ultimate “flex-fuel”- capable of being generated from a range of sources - including low-cost renewables combined with energy storage - and with a range of uses: stationary power & heat, digital, and mobility. All sharing the same infrastructure.

Very large market trends are driving this move to electrification: cost, resiliency, decarbonization, safety, efficiency.

The electrification of the energy cycle has the potential to disrupt every aspect of the energy supply chain.


Combustion processes that have defined our energy use for the last 100 years are in the final stages of their product lifecycle - we aren’t going to be doing things in 100 years the way we did them 100 years ago.

We see a sustained battle between electrical and biological pathways, with electrification winning in many cases by providing superior flexibility. We see biological advantaged in non-combustion, non-fuel source applications.

Electrification technology cost reduction benefits from scale from other industries: e.g. tech, automotive. Don’t bet against silicon and lithium.

Energy is life.The rest is just details.

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