path through field in summer
Jan 2021 // Neal Dikeman

What Will Happen in the Energy Transition?

See What is the Energy Transition?, A Brief History of the Rise of the Term Energy Transition, N Dikeman,, 2020; and What is Cleantech? N. Dikeman,, 2008 “The
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hydrogen fuel
Jan 2021 // Neal Dikeman

The Digital Electrochemical Future of Mobility

In 2018 a KPMG survey showed that most auto executives still believed hydrogen fuel cell cars are going to win and EVs are going to fail in the long run. Many
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Los Angeles Carbon Emissions
Jul 2019 // Neal Dikeman

Understanding Cap and Trade: Why It Has Been the Option of Choice

In the run up to Copenhagen and the debate over Waxman-Markey, I think it’s worth laying out some of the key debating points on how cap and trade works and
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angel invsetor
Feb 2018 // Neal Dikeman

It is a Long Lane that Never Turns – Agtech Angel Investing 100 Years Ago

100 years ago my great grandparents were also angel investors – in Infrastructure, Media and Bee tech They invested in media, ag / cleantech, and infrastructure.  Lest you think angel investing
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chess board
Jul 2009 // Neal Dikeman

The Rules in Cleantech

I’ve now been asked enough times, that at the risk of destroying what little edge Jane Capital may have in cleantech, I finally got around to blogging our “Rules” in
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Apr 2009 // Neal Dikeman

The REAL Story on Moore’s Law for Solar

All new industries seem to think they deserve a Moore’s Law. The photovoltaic solar really, really thinks it deserves one, since it kind of sort of looks like a semiconductor business: Photovoltaic
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